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is a brand name of Özlem Aydınlatma San Tic A.S. which is a family business founded by Mr. Adnan Polat in 1991. Polight name is associating being polite with light and also relates to the family name Polat in phonetics.

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As polight family, we specialize in manufacturing of outdoor lighting products and street furniture. In our production range, there are led lighting fixtures, lighting poles, and bollard lighting, seating benches, trash bins, fountains, bus stops, signposts and billboards, decorative railings, garden gates and custom products.

Our designers and engineers are working on design and project. Digital visualization, animation, on-project product illustration, 3D modeling, technical detail and data sheets, manufacturing projects, lux calculations, statical and wind load safety calculations are prepared by our technical team.

We provide survey and consultancy services at every point of the world under the leadership of our architects and engineers.

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Polight is a solution-oriented brand and everyone working under its roof work as your solution partner. Here everyone walks hand in hand on the same road with their partners they work with.

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As polight, we try to make a slight difference in our services. In this sense, design is one of the issues that make the difference. We believe that we make a positive contribution to the world with a beautiful and innovative approach in our designs.

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The slogan “Dark is the absence of light “is our great dedication on day and night to illuminate cities, parks, streets, boulevards.

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As polight, we realize that innovative work has beautiful results. For this reason, in all our works, we are decisively moving towards the end with the desire and determination without decreasing our tempo.

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There is only one way to be reliable. The path is to keep and fulfill your promises. Polight acts from the principle of being trustworthy with its customers with the best product warranty and quality.

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Polight moves from the principle of making first class choices in raw materials, semi- finished products and workmanship. For this reason, we are periodically updating our quality certificates and product certificates with a sense of responsibility. We continuously test our products in laboratory environments. Our aim is maximum efficiency in minimum time .


Address: Aksemsettin Mah. Su Kenarı Caddesi, No:11 Sultanbeyli İstanbul / Turkey
Phone: +90 216 312 23 88/75 54
Mail: info@polight.com.tr


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